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austriawein - choice wine from winery Schuckert in austria

Winery Schuckert - viticulture enterprise and trade in wine in Austria. We offer you wine-experiance, bottle wine sales, wine min acres, wine dispatch or wine boxes in our wine cellar close Poysdorf, the wine-town of austria.

A warm welcome to, the digital branch of the
Hans Schuckert Vineyard located in Poysdorf in the famous Weinviertel region, Austria's largest wine growing area.
We press young, light wines for you to enjoy. Just click on Wine Sales and take a look! Cheers!
What's more our vineyard is also your own personal venue for hosting special events with a unique atmosphere. So join us on a virtual tour of our cellar vault.
This is also home to your wine box, your own personal wine cellar, and the perfect place for you to keep those fine vintages. You can enjoy a wine tasting with friends any time you choose with exactly the right ambience ...




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